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7014 Huntley Rd. Carpentersville, IL 60110

July pet spotlight...

Say hello to Vienna, Molly & Piper!


Vienna (aka the sausage, VV, weenie) is the oldest - she was adopted from Midwest Dachshund Rescue at the age of 10 months - now she is 9 years old and living the dream!  She did have a bit of a rough start though...she was born with a genetic leg disorder causing her legs to grow crooked...she had surgery to fix the problem and today is still running around like a puppy!


Vienna's favorite toy is a stuffed panda with long arms & legs.  She enjoys edible Nylabone chews, too.  She is not found of car rides and she is not fond of critters in "her" yard - watch out squirrels and bunnies!

Molly (aka mow mow, fudgie or marshmallow) was adopted from Illinois Doberman Rescue - she was brought up to Illinois from Kentucky.  Prior to her adoption, she was a mom to 6 puppies - all boys. She was born with bad hips/knees, but you would never know it - she is living a very active life with her human family & her 2 furry siblings.


Molly is a bit of a princess.  She doesn't have a favorite toy because she doesn't "do" toys.  Her owner described her as being "demure".  You can find her lounging on the couch - she is a white fluffy ball and that's how she got her nickname "marshmallow fluff." 

Things that annoy Miss Molly - balloons, thunderstorms and fireworks - loud noises terrify the poor girl.


Piper (aka Piperoni, the bagel, bags) was adopted through Anderson's Animal Shelter - she was brought up from Tennessee.  Unfortunately, she was returned by her original adopter :( , due to some potty training and barking issues.  Now she has found her forever home, complete with 3 human & 2 furry siblings.


Piper lives for food - she's never met a treat she didn't like...she is constantly on the go with her nose to the ground.


She enjoys playing with frisbies...chewing on them, not catching them.  Things she doesn't like include balloons, empty water bottles (they can make a lot of noise) and the vacuum, aka monster, that lives in the closet.


As you can probably see from her photo, Piper's signature look is heavy eyeliner around both eyes.  Maybe Molly could give her some make up pointers!

Piper is also known for the "zoomies" - after she eats & does her business outside she comes inside & runs like a crazy dog all around the house.

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