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7014 Huntley Rd. Carpentersville, IL 60110

August 2017 Pet Spotlight


 D'ogi has been our client since 2008 - he was born in November 2007 and found his forever family at age 6 months.  His name is a combination of their granddaughter's wanting to name her simply "dog", then mix in a little Italian (family heritage) and D'ogi was formed...aka Diogi...or D-ogi (they all work).

D'ogi is super sweet boy who LOVES to play with his ball...when he goes outside its the first thing he grabs.  He will obsessively play fetch until he can't play no more - or his owners go inside - no balls in the house.

There's something about things that roll, because he will go after the lawn mower tires, the wheel barrel, and even the occasional car. 

He enjoys a good walk, and  likes to chase sticks (which he chews up) and frisbies - and yes, he can catch with the best of them. 

At home he has 2 buddies...Diddy Mow the cat and Meatball the dog.  Diddy is his bud - she will peek around the corner of the room to see if he's watching, then take off running hoping he will chase.  Then later they will snuggle up together & nap.


Meatball the bulldog and D'ogi like to lay & watch TV together. They also enjoy chasing Margaret the house keeper around the house...all in good fun...Margaret is just one of his favorites (along with their pet sitter) - he gets so excited when they come over, he lays down and just whines!


One of D'ogi's signature moves is the "Tuesday morning howl session" - the local tornado sirens go off every Tuesday & D'ogi likes to "sing"/howl along - it's very entertaining! 

So, as you can read, D'ogi lives quite the life, surrounded by many who love him dearly - but with the good comes the bad...D'ogi has battled many health issues in his life.  He was diagnosed with Lyme disease, pannus (eye condition), IVDD (invertebral disc disease - for which he had surgery for) and degenerative myelopathy (a progressive spinal disease).  It's just not fair.

But...he has a wonderful family who love him and would (& have) done everything for him to make sure he has a long and pain free life!  And the feeling is mutual because he loves them right back!

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