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7014 Huntley Rd. Carpentersville, IL 60110


...the one...the only...the incomparable...Elby!

Elby is a 14 year old beagle mix who has been our client since 2010. 

You may ask yourself 'what kind of name is Elby?' Well, it actually stands for Everyone Left But You.  All the kids in the household had left for college leaving Elby alone...but on the plus side, now Elby gets ALL the attention!

And nobody loves attention more than Elby...in fact, he works at it!  Mom says that if people are over and he feels ignored, he will actually "fake limp" to attract attention to himself (the little stinker)!

Elby has a girlfriend - Nina the puppy lives next door. They enjoy hanging out together - Nina will come over and wake Elby up so they can go play outside. And when mom & dad go on vacation, Elby gets to stay with Nina's family.

Recently, Elby's cousin Henry moved in - a lab mix - they get along well, even though Elby now has some competition in the attention seeking department.

Now in his golden years, Elby enjoys taking naps, especially in the warm sunlight - he definitely prefers warm summer sunshine to cold winter winds. 


Not really a toy lover, Elby's passion is food. He loves his treats - especially when mom goes to work, she gives him a special beef jerky treat - yum!

Mom says Elby is "always happy" - and he's had his share of health issues over the years. Now at 14 years old, he's still a happy and laid back little guy (with the sweetest squishy face I might add) who's loved by all who know him!

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