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7014 Huntley Rd. Carpentersville, IL 60110

March 2017 Pet Spotlight...

Stella & Finn

Two dogs from Illinois, fly to Texas, fly back to Illinois, fly to PARIS...and fly back to Illinois!

Say hello to Stella & Finn.

Stella       Finn


Stella was adopted back in 2009 – she is a mixed breed (any guesses)?

When Stella came home she had an older brother who helped show her the ropes.

Also, she bonded immediately with her Grandpa – he helps out when mom is out of town. And to this day they are buds.

Finn was adopted back in 2011…we now know he's a flat coat retriever...when he was a pup he just looked like a black fluffy ball.

Finn had Stella to help show him the ropes. They seemed good together right from the start - Stella was a good big sister to Finn – a role reversal from when she was a pup.

Stella & Finn love to play, but when Stella's done, playtime is done. They accept each other & have become more bonded over time, especially when mom travels. Grandpa is there when mom is gone, he's a favorite and there's a mutual love between them.  Sometimes its hard to share though…sometimes they get jealous if the other is getting more attention.


Stella & Finn have been on many adventures together with mom, in fact, they have traveled more than most people!

They have lived in Illinois, then Houston, Texas, then back to Illinois…then to PARIS (oo-lah-lah)! Then eventually came back to Illinois.

When it is time to see the Vet, they support each other by licking faces and when needed, body blocking, where they stand between the doctor and their sibling.

Mom even takes the two of them on bike rides - she holds the leashes & they run alongside of her - but she does need to be aware of any woodland critters or other dogs on the route - otherwise their run/bike ride could be unexpectedly cut short! 

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