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7014 Huntley Rd. Carpentersville, IL 60110




Say hello to Jenks – an 8 year-old Australian Blue Heeler who’s been our client since 2009. 


Jenks loves her stuffed animals – she will take them out, one by one, & bring them to you hoping you'll play…of course, by the end of the day all the toys are sprawled out on the living room floor!

Her favorite activity is chasing the ball.  She will bring you the ball in hopes of you throwing it - she’ll even bring you the Chuck-it stick to show you she really means business!  Then she will chase the ball til she can't chase no more. 

Jenks lives with 2 cats, Maize & Lucy, who like to keep her on her toes. She likes them & tries to play...unfortunately, they don't share that feeling.

Sometimes Maize will try to ambush Jenks - she will hide & wait...then JUMP when Jenks goes by...inevitably a chase will ensue!  Of course, Maize always outruns poor Jenks - she will climb the cat tree, or run through the cat door that leads to safety.

Jenks & the family enjoy taking walks to the park to play - she's very good with the kids.  At bedtime, she will jump up on kids beds to say goodnight – which they love! 

In her down time, Jenks enjoys car rides & naps - she likes sleeping on the couch.  And at night the best place is up on mom & dads bed!

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