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7014 Huntley Rd. Carpentersville, IL 60110




Trygg was born on January 6th, 2014 – the coldest day of the year – so it’s no surprise that he loves the snow. Plus, his dad was actually a white collie named Snow Bear, so it’s in his blood.

His owner grew up watching Lassie on TV and always really wanted a collie of her own. So, Trygg had a lot to live up to…which has proven to be no problem! Trygg is very sweet and gentle dog – he’s good with children and makes a good companion dog. He is very active and playful – he loves to run, chase and is a very experienced jumper – on walks in the woods he will jump back and forth over the creek…or the occasional fence.

Always up for a challenge, Trygg has earned his obedience title, companion certificate and is currently into agility training. Eventually, the goal is to be a therapy dog visiting hospitals or nursing homes. A family friend has Trygg’s sister, so they get together for fun all the time. They enjoy “talking” to each other, in fact, they’ve been known to have long conversations while together.


Moby (named after the musician, not the whale) was rescued on Valentine’s Day 2009. He was a tiny little thing … and at that time, Mallie and Max (both Somali cats) were there to take Moby in and help take care of him…they were great companions. Today, Moby is the companion to Trygg. They get along great – they play together, but if Trygg gets too playful Moby will stop him with a hiss or a swipe. Mom says Moby has taught Trygg to be respectful to cats. Just because you’re bigger, doesn’t mean you’re in charge!

They support each other in tough times … if Moby is in his cat carrier, Trygg will actually lay down next to him and “talk”. And when Trygg was a puppy and in his crate at night, Moby would lay down in front of his crate to keep him company.

Moby was diagnosed with diabetes, so he gets daily “spa time” as mom calls it. They have a routine, he gets groomed, a treat & insulin … they have made it a positive experience for him. Moby is a sweet and affectionate cat with a big fluffy soft coat - if he’s not sitting on a lap, then you can find him hanging out in his cat tree looking outside. 

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