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JUNE Pet Spotlight

This month we are spotlighting an entire family.  I mean, seriously, I couldn't pick just one...

Say hello to Daisy, Roxy, Boots & Sassy!

Boots & Sassy are siblings adopted together – they will be four years old in June. Daisy came next, she was adopted as a puppy & just turned 3 years old in May. And last, but certainly not least, Roxy was adopted last year. She will be 1 year old June 23rd!


All the furry babies get along really well – because both dogs were adopted as puppies, they grew up with the cats watching over them. Boots loves to play with the Daisy & Roxy – he will lay on his back & paw at them.

Sassy shows her love by rubbing up against Daisy & Roxy’s legs & in return they will give her licks! Boots likes to sleep on bags…purses…suitcases…in boxes.


Sassy’s quirk is licking plastic bags – she addicted! Daisy & Roxy enjoy long walks, going to the park & especially camping with mom & dad.

Daisy is a bit of a diva – she won’t sleep just anywhere – when camping she will whine to go into the tent. And at home, if the couch is full, she will whine & “talk” until space is made for her to lay down.


Daisy has coon dog in her, so her sense of smell is very good – her people play a game with her where they hide a bone or a treat (without her watching), they let Daisy smell their hands…then they tell her to “find it”. She’ll sniff it out in no time!

Daisy can also hold a treat on her nose…wait…then flip it and catch it in her mouth! Love that trick!

Roxy likes to bury toys in the yard – hers AND Daisy’s – but Daisy will eventually find them with her nose! Roxy will also sit, stay, shake paw, & spin around….and she listens well off leash.


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