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7014 Huntley Rd. Carpentersville, IL 60110


The wonderful, the adorable...the uncomparable...



They say big things come in small packages…well, that is the definition of little guy…small in size, but LARGE in spirit…Bacci spreads love where ever he goes!

Dad Jim brought Bacci home as a surprise for mom Gina, who was at first unsure if she even wanted another dog. But now Bacci is the love of her life. And the feeling is definitely mutual for Bacci – momma is #1.

Bacci’s first year of life was tough…starting with his size…he was the smallest of a litter of 4 or 5 pups. He had several seizures, was not eating well and generally was very weak his first months of life.

Once that was under control, it was determined that his teeth were not healthy at all…in fact, he’s had over 5 dental procedures! Because of that he has very little teeth left.

Despite all of his health issues, he is loved loved loved by his family – the center of attention for sure. And he’s got the softest paw pads in the NW suburbs…why? Because he is always in their arms – those paws rarely touch the ground!

Being only 3.6 lbs his family worries he could easily be picked up by a chicken hawk or an owl flying over – his family takes no chances when it comes to Bacci.

Bacci certainly lives the life.  He's treated like a king...& why shouldn't he be?? His favorite foods are mom’s homemade meatballs or meatloaf.

He loves to go for car rides, but not if going to the Vet, then he just starts shaking uncontrollably.

At night, he will sleep on his monkey blanket up by mommy’s head. But when the family is out he sleeps on his Blue’s Clues blanket.

And he’s been known to have selective hearing, if he doesn’t want to be bothered his family says he will pretend to be asleep, then maybe they won’t move him.

Bacci was lucky to get such a loving family who was willing to take care of him despite all the health hurdles…and you know what…the love he gives is equal to the love he takes.

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